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My name is Suzanne Conant and we are a military family and have lived around the world!  I work from home and my husband is a Chief Warrant Officer 4 in the U.S Army and this summer of 2010 will have 23 years of active duty service.  We have two teenage boys and we homeschool.  In September of 2008 I found our team and I truly can’t put into words how wonderful it is to actually make an income while still being at home everyday with my kids! One of my favorite things about our team is that our everyday mission is to help others have the same freedom we do!  There is hope out there for you with whatever you’re trying to accomplish and we are here to help you reach your goals!  I'm looking forward to talking to you soon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

5 “Must Do’s” to Accomplish Anything!

5 ‘Must Do’s’ to Accomplish Anything!

People often ask me, “How can stay motivated?”.

My answer is simple. It’s all in your “Why”.

Whatever it is your looking to accomplish, your REASON for doing it is the ultimate motivator.

The problem that occurs with those who do not accomplish their goal(s), in so many cases, is that they “forgot” or stop FOCUSSING on their reason or perhaps their reason wasn’t strong enough.

So how do you stay on task? How can you make it strong enough?

My advice: Develop a strong “Why”. Peel back the onion to get to the core of your reason.

Here are 5 “Must Do”s” to creating a strong “Why”, to help you stay on task with and to accomplish your goals. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE YOUR ANSWERS OUT. IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Start with this. Ask yourself:

  1. Why do you want to accomplish XYZ??
  2. Next, expand on your why:
    When I accomplish this, it will mean this …..(fill in)…………. to me.
  3. 3rd, expand further:
    When I accomplish this, it will mean this …..(fill in)………… to those I love.
  4. 4th, expand again:
    When I accomplish this I will feel ……(include at least 5 emotions)……………. .
  5. 5th…..SHARE it in the written form with someone.

Hope this was helpful! Make it a great day!

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